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BladewingJanuary 12. 2008
this place needs to be more popular
January 9. 2008
Hey dose anybody actuly go to the chat rooms??????
BladewingDecember 30. 2007
Drizzt Rules!!
JellyFishbrainsDecember 8. 2007
LE's is a sweet name for a Drizzt fansite

KelafaeDecember 5. 2007
Lavender Eyes, Indeed.
October 13. 2007
I have read all of Drizzt's books, from The Crystal Shard to The Two Swords, at least ten times each. I have read all of the Sellswords novels as well, and I think that they are just incredible. For those who have not read either Promise of the Witch-King or Road of the Patriarch, please read them! They will please all who read them greatly. By the way, I really think that Obould should not have been a match for Drizzt. The only one who can rightly say that is none other than Artemis Entreri, Drizzt's warrior equal. That is what I think. Obould should not have fought and challenged Drizzt so.
blade_daggerOctober 11. 2007
Have read all books in Drizz't series, just finished the orc king. R.A. keeps writing better and better. Now need to get the sellswords last two and the short stories in the realms series. Drizz't is an amazing character and RA has put a lot of depth into the entire series. Drizz't is by far the best series I've read. (and I read a lot)
October 7. 2007
My apologies. Here is my email address.

Also feel free to give me any opinions or questions you may at all have. Title your email to me as SHARD, and I will reply within 24 hours.

Thank you, big time. -s
ShawnOctober 7. 2007
I'm writing a screenplay for The Crystal Shard. I am very serious. I'm scanning all Drizzt websites and fans to engage them and bring in as much feedback as possible to better serve the fans while writing this long-awaited film.
Mrs.Do'UrdenSeptember 25. 2007
I love this series and i am so in love with Drizzt (so jealous of cattie-brie). I am now on the Legacy of the Drow. I have been reading in order can't put them down. My husband talked me into reading them and glad he talked me into it.
September 24. 2007
Hi,I'm a big r.a. salvatore fan and stumbled apon this site. I wish i could figure out how to send a couple drawings of some of the charactors
August 17. 2007
I just joined shortly after finding this site. Like the many people posting before me, i'm infinitely happy that there is a site dedicated to my favorite series and also my favorite drow! I hope to meet many people who share the same opinion, and maybe RP a lil'.
DrizztGurlAugust 2. 2007
I just joined this site but it is totally awesome.I love Drizzt Do,Urden and all of his friends.My son got me to read the books and I fell in love with them right away.
BenthicAugust 2. 2007
This is an awesome site. I especially love the encyclopedia. The pronunciations are a great help.
lerlaJuly 29. 2007
im new and I love LE because of my fiance dezzo!

hes my love.
and so is drizzt!=)
GaelwynJuly 29. 2007
great site. Good to know other people love these charatcres as much as i do :)

Keep up the amazing writing!!!
July 26. 2007
Drizzt Do' Urden is the kewlest i swear he could take over the world, *if was real that is, and wanted 2

kryder94July 5. 2007
anyone who is a fan of drizzt should join here!
magic~of~the~heartJune 28. 2007
This site is awesome! It's so great to be able to talk to people about the Companions of the Hall (I LOVE that name!)!!!
Lilibeth_farieJune 16. 2007
there has never been anyone who i know who likes the dark elf books enough to catch up with me and read almost like the zillion books that involve drizzt so its nice to find people as crazy and as cool as me

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