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Sheila McVay NewportMay 11. 2011
I am searching for a Michelle Lavender who went to Raleigh Egypt, memphis TN
JeffSeptember 16. 2010
Hey I have been a reader of Salvatore since I was in middle school. I am currently a senior for my bach. degree in Justice studies now and I still have just as much love for it. I have been on this website several times in the past and have just recently decided to make an account. I may write a story or two if I get time so if I do I hope everyone will enjoy it. Great work on this website by the way, its top notch!
MrHappyClamJuly 17. 2010
Never a big reader in the past, but a good friend of mine suggested I give it a try, so I read the dark elf trilogy and I'm hooked. Can't wait for the new book, just gotta catch up a bit. :P anywho, new here and hope to meet some cool people who love drizzt as well ^^
AliciaJuly 15. 2010
I've been a fan since I was 14 years old and can't wait for Gauntlegrym to come out! :D
faragamoJuly 6. 2010
Hi been a huge fan of drizzt from the 90's and I loved to play forgotten realm.
May 7. 2010
I'm a new Drizzt fan. Heard of him many, MANY years ago but only recently starting reading his exploits after coming across a trilogy book in a bookstore and recalled the name "Drizzt Do'Urden". I'm LOVING the stories and look forward to seeking out more of them when I'm done with this book!

BTW...Love the website!
January 9. 2010
October 8. 2009
I've probably done this before, but I think I need to do it again.

This site has changed my life in so many ways. I've met so many loving and caring people, and made so many friends, which will last a life time. I know that, whenever life looks bleak, I can always run to LE and I'll have the whole community to cheer me up :] Not only that, but I met the love of my life here, on this very site. Dantes_inferno and I thank you, Lavender Eyes, and more importantly, Rivka, for breathing life into LE for all of us to enjoy :]

drow_girlSeptember 10. 2009
Im new to Forgotten Realms. I wish i woulda discovered it sooner
DemonaIsisMcCreadyNovember 16. 2008
I really love the Drizzt series and it's probably the only series that I can keep reading and not get bored of. Unfortunately, I am entirely ticked off that RA Salvatore killed off Innovindil!! Man I really liked her and was hoping for Drizzt and her to get together once Cattie-Brie kicks the bucket. It may sound mean, but hey that is life, right? Anyone else feel the same?
November 13. 2008
Ive read every book with Drizzt in it and I still cant get enough. Salvatore's books are more than literature..there a way to enter a place where life isnt so "life". Its an escape from everything...its awsome.
July 31. 2008
what does everyone think of the highwayman i thought it was really good i am awaiting my copy of the ancient if you happen to read this tell me what you thought about the books would love to here from anyone thanks
patrickJuly 20. 2008
I started reading about drizzt over a year ago he is one of the best characters i have ever read but r a salvatore has many more wonderful characters another favorite though he was shortlived was elbryan i still wonder is there going to be more about aydrian in the future
NickJuly 14. 2008
Drizzt is so much more than just fictional character, he is someone we can all look up to and should all strive to be like.
PaulMay 6. 2008
Hey I like drizzt but I like Artemis entreri Is a awsome character he is so evil it make him cool but Obould is my favorite He is awsome
shawnMay 4. 2008
drizzt is my favorite charecter from any book ive ever read hes the greatest!
Brandon H.April 4. 2008
drizzt freakin rocks like yeah and like stuff
DaughterofentreriMarch 30. 2008
love drizzt but love entreri and jaraxle even more! the sellswords trilogy was kinda disappointing to me seen as how what happened to daddy.*sniffle*
DianeCuMarch 29. 2008
Drizzt is amazing! There are no words to adequately describe him!
DanielleMarch 26. 2008
they should really have more people here.This is is an awsome fan site

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